Allia Quinn was a Master in the Jedi Order, with a seat on the Council. She was highly renowned for her intelligence and wisdom as well as her prodigious lightsaber skills and agility.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

She was brought to the temple at a young age to train, along with her sister Aphelia. Both were very strong in the Force, and learned and excelled quickly.

Aphelia's Fall Edit

Her sister and her were an unstoppable pair, but Quinn could sense something dark in her. A Sith tempted Aphelia to the dark side, and she became a Sith apprentice rather than a Jedi Knight. Allia tried to bring her sister back to the light, but when she was unsuccessful, they entered in a duel.

Allia won, and Aphelia was injured, but alive. Allia tried to bring her back to the temple, but Aphelia's Master arrived and stole her from Allia, knocking her out and leaving her there.

She never heard from her sister again, and continued faithfully serving the Jedi Order.

As a Master Edit

Allia was a highly renowned Master, extremely Force sensitive and skilled in many varieties of lightsaber combat. She used a pair of white lightsabers that could be attached in the middle to form a double bladed saber, which she used to great effect.

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