Darth Cahdek was a male Zabrak Sith Lord. He and his Jedi brother Kullervo Tinren were both frozen in carbonite while having a duel on Bespin. Cahdek and Tinren were accidentally unfrozen in 987 BBY by Jedi Master Caspian Rillian, and while Cahdek was too weak to defeat the Jedi Master, he still managed to escape.

The Zabrak then went on to duel Tinren and his friends Ethan Harris, Jabeso, and Thesh Avidon in 984 BBY.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Cahdek was born on Tatooine to parents Nuri and Kel Tinren, though he was stolen away by a Sith Lord who recognised the young Zabrak's power in the dark side. His original name is unknown, but it was changed to Darth Cahdek after he became a Sith apprentice.

Carbonite Freezing Edit

While in a battle on Bespin with Tinren and his Jedi Master Isak Dretill, who was quickly killed by Cahdek's unique red Force lightning, Tinren realized either one would go down or neither, so he pushed them both into a nearby carbonite vat.

The two brothers were awakened in 987 BBY by Jedi Master Caspian Rillian, who later took Tinren under his wing. Cahdek was weak from carbonite sickness, and was barely able to escape.

Personality and traits Edit

Cahdek was very cruel and power-hungry, often hanging on the edge on sadism.

Appearances Edit