Dav Lirakson was a Human mercenary and member of the Howling Anoobas active during the Galactic Civil War.

Biography Edit

In 2 ABY, the Howling Anoobas were docked on the planet Ponemah, as fellow member Sparjak Tovez had taken a freelance job there. Dav and the Howling Anoobas departed Ponemah shortly after, and traveled to the planet Abafar to drop off the Delphidian Sidon Ithano at the Gillilander headquarters.

Personality and traits Edit

Dav was known to be very quiet, hardly ever talking to Sidon Ithano or his fellow Anoobas.

Behind the scenes Edit

Dav's last name, Lirakson, means "Son of Lirakin" in its original language. Lirakin is a planet that first appeared in the Famfic novel Betrayal by MatchstickShadow.

Appearances Edit

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