Gan Sendi was a male Nautolan who hired the bounty hunters Ishti Bonden, Gonbor Nyron, and Da'bral multiple times during the year 3978 BBY.


Gan first hired Ishti Bonden, Gonbor Nyron, and Da'bral to kill a man on Zygerria, but even if it were not for the fact that they got horrendously sidetracked, they would have failed anyway, because he had sent them too late. He paid them 5,000 of the 50,000 he had offered in advance.

He later hired Ishti again, saving him and Nyron from being unjustly executed by Kara Damarn.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Gan was tall and had a rich, deep voice. He often wore a light grey cloak which obscured his face.

He found Nyron amusing, but he was saddened by his utter lack of goodness. He also seemed to be very persuasive.


He would give the bounty hunters he hired communication devices. Sometimes they were for him to contact them, sometimes they were two way. They also contained information on the job he hired them for.


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