The Jaunty Joopa Casino was a gambling ship owned by a Jablogian named Brilyzian. It was located on the planet Ponemah Terminal, just outside PT-265 Spaceport. The establishment was actually a desert sail barge renovated into a casino.

In 2 ABY, Sidon Ithano and Sparjak Tovez raided the casino, stealing Brilyzian's credit vault and destroying the sail barge in the process.

Amenities Edit

The Jaunty Joopa's gambling floor had many different types of games, including Sabacc, holochess, and slot machines (better known as the one-armed smuggler).

There was also a small, on board cantina for gamblers who wanted a drink. Brilyzian thought of it as simply another way to make money. The barroom's ceiling had a retractable, voice-activated scatterblaster that was installed in the event of a rough customer.

Brilyzian's personal quarters doubled as the wheel room for the vessel, and were located directly above the engine room. The ship's wheel was steered by an FA-4 pilot droid.

Staff Edit

The establishment was run by a Jablogian named Brilyzian. One of his floor managers was a Gotal named Dett Dacca, whom Brilyzian once assigned to cantina duty when his regular bartender was gone.

The casino's security force comprised of several members, including a Herglic, a Rodian, an Abednedo, and a Quarren. These guards tried in vain to stop Sidon Ithano and Sparjak Tovez during their robbery.

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