Jula Marack was a CorSec officer on Corellia during the Old Republic. She was known for having an excellent memory, and a good aim with a blaster, using this to her advantage as a cop.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Jula was born and raised on Corellia. Her father was a Professional racer, operating both atmospheric craft and space craft. Jula learned to pilot many types of vehicle from a young age.

One one occasion, she and her two siblings stole their father's racing ship and attempted to pilot it, eventually crashing into the expensive ship of an unamused Selonian neighbor.

When she was twelve, she entered and won the Junior Corell Orbital Race. But despite her skill, she was never interested in making it a career as her father had. Instead, she enrolled in the Corellian Security Training Academy at the age of eighteen. Her brother Damin was determined to take the spot as the favorite, and followed his father into a racing career. These events led to a rift between Jula and the rest of her family, but she remained firm, and continued her Corellian Security career.

CorSec Career Edit

She was renowned as being very skilled, due to her natural abilities, as well as the ones developed by her years at the academy. During the beginning of her career, she was sometimes too overconfident in her abilities, and was determined to be the hero in every situation. But she matured later, learning to work with others, and trust the abilities of her teammates.

She advanced through the ranks, being promoted to Captain, in charge of a small squad of officers.

Meeting Striker Edit

Her apartment was destroyed one day by a crashed spaceship, forcing her to move back in with her parents until repairs could be made. Due to her dislike of her parents and younger siblings, she stayed away as much as possible. When she was given a few days off of work, she sat alone in Axial park rather than return home. While sitting in Axial park, she was run into by a man, who introduced himself as Striker. She disliked him right away, and went home to avoid him. However, he showed up the next day, and offered her a job, claiming she was just the person he had been looking for. She began to refuse without a second thought, before she realized that he wanted her for a smuggling job, and that she could turn it into an undercover operation. The pair traveled to Nar Shaddaa to pick up their shipment, but on the way back, they were intercepted by a pirate gang. The leader of the group that attacked them was Jaak Shayd, son of the leader of the Shayd Pirate Gang. He had a grudge against Striker from an occurrence years ago, and got his revenge by sabotaging Striker whenever he could.

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