Kaida Boradin was a Jedi Master of the Jedi Order, she served as a general in the Clone Wars and led many missions for the Order.

Early Life

Kaida Boradin was born on the planet of Naboo in 54 BBY, the Jedi Order discovered her when she was an infant and she was taken to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to be trained in the ways of the Jedi.

In 44 BBY, Kaida was taken as a Padawan by Jedi Master Y'sanne Satoan, a Jedi highly regarded amongst her peers.

Kaida completed her trials and was granted the title of Jedi Knight later on in life, many years later, she was granted the status of Jedi Master.

Kaida did not take on a Padawan for quite some time, finally, she took a young girl by the name of Berilyn Rahn to be her Padawan in 30 BBY.

Training Berilyn.

"A Hurrikane Crystal... how did she come by one of those, Master Windu?"

"During one of her trials, she was sent to Hurikane to dissolve a dispute amongst the locals, during her time on the planet, she came upon the crystals. That’s what she told the Council.”

"How fortunate for her." Kaida Observed.

- Kaida Boradin and Mace Windu talking about Berilyn's lightsaber.

Berilyn was a wonderful learner and Kaida enjoyed teaching her, the two dueled each other on a regular basis and Berilyn accompanied her Master on all of her missions, no matter the danger. The rumors in the Temple were that Kaida and Berilyn shared a Force bond.

  • Unfortunately for Kaida, in 25 BBY, her Padawan went missing during her trials and they were unable to find her. Because of this, Kaida refrained from taking on another Padawan, secretly fearing what would become of them.

Training Hadge Urdon

Though Kaida had decided against training another Padawan, she took on young Hadge Urdon in 23 BBY, two years after the disappearance of Berilyn Rahn.

Hadge proved a difference story than Berilyn. She was stubborn and hot-tempered, though she did listen to her Master from time to time and learned as much as she could, but even then, she would often argue and debate with her Jedi Master.

Kaida merely saw Hadge's behavior as a minor inconvenience. Though Kaida did not admit, deep down, she really did love Hadge, mostly because of her spirit and how she always wanted to learn more.

The Great Jedi Purge

Kaida and Hadge were observing the Works with a squadron of Clone Troopers when Order 66 was executed.

Kaida and Hadge fought to the best of their ability against their former allies, during the chaos, they stumbled upon a Carbon-freezing chamber, whereupon Hadge threw Kaida into the chamber and froze her in carbonite to save her from the Clone troopers.

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