Tolnedrel was a planet in the Outer Rim Territories discovered by an unidentified explorer in 2015 BBY during her quest to explore all unknown planets.

Tolnedrel was covered almost entirely by oceans, and was uninhabitable by all species because of the severe wind storms, constant rain, and the occasional tsunami that would envelop the one small island on the planet. The oceans were uninhabitable by water species because of under-sea volcanoes that lined the ocean floor, releasing a deadly, liquid called volcanic acid into the dark blue waters.

History Edit

Tolnedrel was discovered in 2015 BBY, though was quickly abandoned after being proclaimed unlivable by its explorer.

In 3635 BBY, Kullervo Tinren and his brother Darth Cahdek met for the first time, dueling until both were too weak to continue and fled.

In 984 BBY, Tinren, Jabeso, CLG-4335, and Thesh Avidon battled Darth Cahdek and Ethan Harris, who revealed himself to be the current Dark Lord of the Sith. The battle ended with Ethan being pushed into the acid-water by a Force-push from Jabeso, which killed the young Sith.

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