Yadoik was a Patrolian male who served as boatswain on the pirate vessel New Gilliland.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Yadoik was born on the watery world Takodana. He spent his days in the halls of legendary pirate Maz Kanata's castle, eventually becoming a close friend to the old woman.

A member of the Gillilanders Edit

Yadoik would later go on to join the crew of the New Gilliland, an Outer Rim-based pirate cruiser. He would find work as a boatswain. He trained at least one boatswain's mate during his time as a pirate, though that mate came to an unfortunate end when he was "eliminated" by Captain Tovez after making a critical mistake.

By 2 ABY, he was still without an apprentice, though that role was eventually filled by the Delphidian outlaw Sidon Ithano.

Personalities and traits Edit

Though one of the eldest Gillilanders, Yadoik was still an energetic and eccentric personality. His dialect was unusal, using language most would consider to be outdated. Yadoik also had a primitive, metal hook in the place of his right hand, having lost the appendage at some point in time. As his body rejected cybernetics, Yadoik could not have a robotic replacement.

Behind the scenes Edit

Yadoik first appeared in The Crimson Corsair: A Star Wars Story.

Appearances Edit

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